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Principal David E. Jowett BA. Dip-Arch. RIBA


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update Summer/Autumn 2021

Clients will be relieved to know that my small and agile Architectural Practice can carry on delivering its traditionally high standards through changing policy announcements.  In many respects, my office is very much as it has always been because I have already been working from home for many years.  As for the newer tweaks and developments – well, I am just very pleased to have a fast and robust internet connection.

I am now, like many of us, conducting meetings with my clients on Zoom and this has generally worked well.  Indeed for some clients I hope to provide an improved, or at least a simplified, service!  So far it has been reassuring to see how well we can all adapt to pre-tender-meeting discussions, talking through details of what should go into tender documents and conducting virtual pre-start meetings so that clients and builders and I all converse face to face.

You will be glad to know that the usual routine of submitting Planning and Building Regulations Applications can happen as normal, as can the process of developing designs with clients.  Please be aware though that the process of Planning seems to have slowed down a little in most council areas, with staff all working from home.

Builders have been finding it possible to carry on building while still allowing for social distancing  guidance, although there has been necessarily a change in the pace of work with fewer operatives on site.  I have therefore altered my ‘normal’ regime of site visits so that I now attend in the late afternoon – when the site is empty again – and I then report back, as per usual, via email.  This has turned out to be an unexpected advantage – in fact I find that, with clear access, I am now able to include a lot more photos since the site is empty.  Any resulting issues can then be discussed by email, phone (or by Zoom) with clients and builders.

In the recent past, Government Guidance has allowed the first stage of measuring a property before I can produce a set of drawings to take place, as long as we follow certain protocols including social distancing guidance, wearing gloves, hand sanitiser, wearing a face covering if you like and ideally opening some windows. It seems to me that those are all sensible precautions that are worth maintaining as they have no negative impact on the quality of my professional services and only positive benefits on the potential wellbeing of clients and Architect alike.  I am assuming here that you, like me, are not self-isolating or shielding or have currently tested positive for coronavirus. 

In the meantime, please take care, stay safe – and get in touch if there’s anything I can help with or that you want to discuss? In all cases, the first thing I will do is to arrange either a virtual or face to face meeting with you before quoting a fee for what you need me to do for you and then we can go from there.

David Jowett qualified as a Chartered Architect in the 1980s and practiced in London for a few years on large, prestigious, corporate and ultimately impersonal projects before returning home to the North East. Back in Newcastle and living in Gosforth, he now creates the homes that people need around Newcastle, Morpeth, Alnwick, Hexham and Durham.

The majority of his work is to existing homes that are altered and extended as their owners’ needs change. Throughout, David always takes care to involve practical and ethical solutions, bearing in mind that our choices today will become our heritage tomorrow.  He also designs new homes using the same personal design process to create the best solution to your needs. This same philosophy is carried through to the work he undertakes on schools, shops, churches and on other building types.

Having a small office in Gosforth, David’s clients can be sure where the buck will stop. There is no problem with staff turnover, no extra costs to support, and the same safe hands will guide you through the entire process from inception to completion.

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