When asked to do design work for churches, David Jowett puts Mission at the forefront of his thinking.  He absolutely believes that your church building should be an asset and not a burden. Good design encourages people to use your church buildings and helps the church to make the most of its assets.

David Jowett works on whole buildings bringing them up to date with disabled access provision, catering facilities, toilets, modern heating and lighting and decorative schemes, utilising the services of other specialist consultants, crafts people and suppliers.

David Jowett also work at a much more detailed level, designing individual items such as doors and shelving.

David Jowett also deals with maintenance work such as repointing, stainless steel guttering, new flagpoles, stained glass repairs, tower and roof repairs, and Lychgate repairs.

David Jowett can give advice on grants and dealing with Faculty Applications.

tel: 07788 710 204

email: david@davidjowett-architect.co.uk