Utilising loft space to create new bedrooms, bathrooms or maybe even music rooms in a traditional yet contemporary way. A great way to relocate the kids, or your husband, and their noise.

Want to make the most of your assets? You need a professional Architect who has years of experience of our local councils’ planning priorities, and who will navigate and negotiate on your behalf through the various rules and regulations governing dormer windows and rooflights (especially in Conservation Areas!). ¬†We will work together to make sure that your loft is a haven of light and space.

As an Architect, David Jowett will tell you what you can actually achieve and not fob you off with a standard loft conversion designed to make the loft conversion company’s life easy.

Your home is unique. No two house in the same street will be exactly identical inside, and no two neighbours will be hunting for exactly the same solution. Contact David Jowett РArchitect for an initial consultation to discuss your individual, particular and unique requirements.

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