David Jowett has worked on existing buildings for over 25 years as a Chartered Architect. The majority of those have been Victorian but he also has plenty of experience with Georgian, interwar and post war buildings and he understands how old buildings work. Much of this is practical: he knows the difference between cement and lime. He knows that old buildings need to breathe. He understand that keeping gutters, rainwater pipes and drains working correctly is essential to the health of any building.

David is on the approved list of Inspecting Architects for the Diocese of Newcastle and the Diocese of Durham.

Having been Churchwarden of All Saints’ Church, Gosforth for 5 years, he understands the role of Inspecting Architect from both sides of the fence.

Outside of his professional work he is a Trustee of the Northumbria Historic Churches Trust and holds a Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission from the University of Durham.

Quinquennial Inspections are set out in accordance with current guidance issued by www.churchcare.co.uk and a few sample pages can be seen here.  Prices for a report start at £620.00, the minimum fee currently set by the Diocese of Durham.

email: david@davidjowett-architect.co.uk

tel: 07788 710 204