Finding it a little cramped in your kitchen? Has your dining room turned into a junk room that you haven’t eaten in for years? Do you slave away behind the kitchen door worrying about what mischief the children are getting up to next door and if the baby is OK in the high chair while your partner is watching the news for more gloomy economic forecasts?

A rear extension could increase space for your dream kitchen and dining furniture letting you check that the kids are actually doing their homework and not playing on the Playstation or chatting to their friends on Instagram. Extending can be much cheaper than moving to a larger house and avoids all the difficulties of trying to sell.

Let the light in and open up the back of the house into the garden or yard. Make the most of the winter light but stay warm and dry. Don’t let a conservatory company sell you something that is freezing in winter and like a sauna in summer. David Jowett will advise you on glazing and ventilation to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter so that you can use your space quite happily all the year round.

Contact David Jowett – Architect for a rear extension where you escape from the bedlam leaving the teenagers in the loft with the guitar and you with a mug of coffee and the Sunday papers. Alternatively, to be fair, you could lock them all in the rear extension and go and get on with some work in peace and quiet in the Yoga Room upstairs.

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